Explore yacht charter destinations in Florida and on the Chesapeake Bay

Taking a yacht charter vacation is easy with convenient boat rentals.

When you want to recharge your batteries, and get away from your regular routine, hopping on a yacht charter for several days will do the trick. Whether you enjoy power-boating, fishing, or sailing, your region offers many enticing destinations and activities. Here are just three sample five-day charter itineraries – or create your own. Regardless of your destination, follow these tips for a safe boating trip.

Sampling South Florida on a yacht: Mid-sized Powerboat

In the latest of your boat rentals, you’ll take a sleek 30-foot powerboat out of Miami, and head south for a few days of cruising. You’ll stay relaxed by keeping it local, while treating yourself to a nice mix of marinas and one special anchorage.

Day 1: Black Point Park Marina in Biscayne Bay (marina stay): You take every opportunity to fish, so you’ll spend the first night at nearby Black Point Park, where you’ve always had good luck. You’ll stay at the park’s marina, and enjoy a tasty meal at the onsite restaurant.

Day 2: Elliott Key in Biscayne National Park: This boating hotspot is just a few miles off the coast, and you can enjoy some snorkeling and diving there. If the weather’s favorable, you’ll anchor for the night. Otherwise, you’ll head to a nearby marina.

Day 3: Key Largo (marina stay): Next, you’ll head just offshore and carefully navigate your way down to nearby Key Largo. This enticing destination is an easy trip by powerboat, and you can tuck into one of several marinas.

Day 4: Coconut Grove (marina stay): Turn your bow north, and cruise back to northern Biscayne Bay. Stay at a convenient Coconut Grove marina, and enjoy a nice meal and a stroll around town before getting a good night’s sleep.

Day 5: Home to Miami: With just a short hop back to your marina, find a pleasant daytime anchorage where you can relax and enjoy some fishing. When you return to the dock, you’ll already be planning more boat rentals getaways.

Fishing Near Tampa/St. Petersburg: Speedy Fishing Boat

Hopping on a fast Gulf Coast fishing boat is like turning a toddler loose in a candy store. With enticing options all around, you don’t know which one to grab first.

Leaving from a St. Petersburg marina, you can fish Tampa Bay, chase some near-shore fish near Clearwater, or hit the Manatee River near Bradenton. In good weather, head offshore to see what’s biting. With a series of one-day boat rentals, why not do all of these activities?

Day 1: Tampa Bay Fishing: From early spring through fall, different fish species take up residence in this expansive bay. In early summer, search for snook in the Port Manatee Channel. Or, check out Cockroach Bay and Bishop’s Harbor smack in the center of Tampa Bay.

Later in the summer, spotted sea trout often congregate near the mouth of Tampa Bay. The bay’s deep grass flats also look promising.

Day 2: Cruising to Clearwater: Power up the coast to Clearwater, where you’ll search for desirable redfish. Check out the bays and shallows, especially around mangroves, grassy flats, and oyster bars. View the fishing regulations before casting your line.

Day 3: South to Bradenton: After leaving the marina, cruise through Tampa Bay toward the Gulf of Mexico. Stop at the mouth of the Manatee River near Bradenton, and explore the creeks, grass flats, and bayous. Compare your results on both sides of the river.

Day 4: Offshore Fishing: If the weather cooperates, head offshore to do battle with the deep-water big boys. If not, stay closer to the coast, where you’ll still find plenty of fishing action.

Day 5: Fisherman’s Choice: Find the fishing hotspots, stock up on bait, and give your favorite fish a run for their money before returning to the marina.

Yachht Charters Through Chesapeake Bay: Mid-sized Sailboat

Whether you’re new to sailing, or have been boating for much of your life, Chesapeake Bay cruising has its own special flavor. Leaving Annapolis on your 35-foot sailboat, you’ll have comfortable accommodations and plenty of provisions for your five-day trip. Your destinations include three special anchorages, along with a marina stay in a popular boating town.

Day 1: Miles River to Wye River: Head across the Bay to the Miles River, and enter the Wye River on the Miles’ north shore. Choose from several scenic creeks and bays, and drop the hook for a relaxing evening under the stars.

Day 2: St. Michaels (marina stay): The next morning, take an easy jog to nearby St. Michaels on the Miles River. Several full-service marinas can accommodate your boat, and you’ll find plenty of restaurants serving up popular Maryland seafood dishes.

Day 3: Rhode River (off West River): Enjoy a nice sail across the Bay, and tuck into the West River just south of Annapolis. Next, turn right into the Rhode River, and anchor near High, Flat, and Big Islands. Although this is a popular anchorage, there’s plenty of room for everyone.

Day 4: Magothy River (Dobbins Island): After leaving the West River, head the bow north, and pass under the impressive Chesapeake Bay Bridge. Next, turn left into the Magothy River, and find an anchorage near scenic Dobbins Island. The next morning, you’ll have an easy jaunt back to Annapolis.

Day 5: Home to Annapolis: Get a leisurely start, and put on a good iTunes playlist while you soak up some sun. When you return to your Annapolis slip, you’ll have your own Chesapeake Bay cruising memories to share.

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