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Favorite Vacation Boat Rental Destinations

The world is full of postcard worthy vacation boat rental destinations. From the shores of Florida, and the islands of the Caribbean to the rocky west coast, our favorite beach vacation destinations offer something for every type of traveller – the adventurer, the lounger, the shopper and the cruiser.

The best part about a vacation boat rental is that getting there is the hardest part. Once you’ve arrived at your destination you bask in the beauty of mother nature. Walking along the shore, collecting seashells and lounging in the afternoon sun are all part of the package. The addition of a boat rental elevates your vacation experience, allowing you to participate in the water activities each of these unique seaside locations has to offer visitors.

South Florida – Your perfect vacation boat rental spot!

Fort Lauderdale is the boating capital of the world and the Florida Keys offer some of the best fishing on the east coast. Not to mention Miami is, quite possibly, the most vibrant city on the water – full of nightlife, fine cuisine and year-round warm waters. South Florida is a beach and boating mecca that shouldn’t be missed. Check out our insider’s guide to boating in South Florida.


Whale watching, waterfront dining and swimming from a number of the islands in the harbor is what you can expect when on a beach vacation in Boston. The “City on the Hill” has a series of islands that allows visitors a chance to enjoy this historic city in a new way. We suggest visiting in the summertime and renting a boat so that you can experience Spectacle Island, Georges Island and Bumpkin Island at your own leisure.

San Francisco

The City on the Bay is a popular tourist destination for many reasons. One of them being the beach. San Francisco has a lot to offer boaters and beachgoers. You can cruise down the Petaluma River and find a spot to stop and pour some wine on the riverside, or ride just past the Golden Gate bridge for salmon fishing.

Long Island

New York is surrounded by water, yet many don’t think of the empire state as an ideal beach vacation. In the summertime Long Island is a beautiful beach and boating destination. There are coves that offer a hangout spot for children and parents alike, waterfront dining that is sure to keep the entire family happy and, of course the Long Island Sound – a hotspot for fisherman and birdwatchers.

The Bahamas

The Bahamas is essentially one big beach. The area is made of more than 300 islands and offers vacationers a little bit of everything they would expect to experience on the beach: fresh dining, endless boating opportunities, snorkeling adventures, pristine diving sites, warm waters for swimming, shopping in colorful local markets, and miles of beaches for seashell collecting.

Your Perfect Vacation Boat Rental Starts Boatsetter

When traveling you don’t have the familiarity of home when on the water – a captained vacation boat rental is the perfect option. You also likely have not brought your boat with you on your trip. And why would you!? Boatsetter, a boat sharing company can help connect you with a boat rental when on vacation or at home.

We connect you with local boat owners to find the perfect vessel for your beach vacation needs. You can even hire a captain to do the navigating for you. We’ve made it as easy as a click of a button to find and reserve boat rentals. We guarantee it won’t cause a heachache, which is important because, after all, you’re on vacation.

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