Helpful Boating Apps

Download These Before Your Next Boat Rental

These Apps Make Boating Safer and Easier

Can a smartphone make you a better boater? We think so! Every year brings more advanced technology for boaters, improving the boat rental experience from reservations to clean-up. Before your set out on your boat rental trip, download these apps for a hassle-free boating experience.

  • Navionics Boating – The most important safety feature you can have when on the water is an understanding of where you are in relation to the coast. Navionics Boating is a GPS app that offers autorouting. It’s an additional charge, but considering it has the potential to save your life we think it’s a good investment. Download the iOS or Android version.
  • Boating Suite – Experienced boaters will tell you that logging your trips is a good practice. You never know when you might need to reference a previous trip for mechanical, financial or legal reasons. Boating Suite is a boating log book that allows you to store this information, and more. Download the iOS version.
  • Boatsetter Today – The Boatsetter apps keeps you up-to-date on your boat rental reservations. You can perform check-in and check-out inspections, review trip information, create damage reports and provide ratings. Download the iOS version.
  • Friend Mapper – You leave at 10 a.m. and are on the water when your neighbor calls and says he just launched and has lunch for everyone. Good luck trying to meet up in the middle of the ocean. In case you didn’t know, it’s a gigantic place and with just the coast as your guideline it can be tricky to meet up with others once you are on the water. Friend Mapper is a device that let’s you track the location of other phones, which makes finding others a whole lot easier. Download the iOS version.
  • IGFA Mobile – If fishing is new to you you’re also probably a novice in identifying fish. It’s important to know what you are catching to ensure that you are not breaking any federal or state regulations. Is your fish too small? It is out of season and illegal to keep? Are you over the bag limit? The IGFA app features a species identification section that can help. In addition you can log your catches and read about fishing world records. Download the iOS or Android version.
  • Cruise Ship Lawyer – When accidents, injuries or sexual assault happen on cruise ships and boat charters it is important to document the injury and the events leading up to the injury. Cruise Ship Lawyer is an app developed by a Florida law firm and helps you capture and record data about your injury, connect with a lawyer, call internationally via Skype (should you not be in the United States) and locate the nearest hospital. Download the iOS version.
  • myLite Led Flashlight – You should have a flashlight onboard for night time activities. If the batteries fail, or it gets wet, a backup app on your phone is the perfect solution. myLite Led Flashlight even has a setting for an SOS signal, should you ever need it. Download the iOS version.
  • Sea Tow App – The Sea Tow App is the number one boating accessory to keep with you at all times – whether you’re preparing for an upcoming boating trip, need around-the-clock assistance or fuel on the water, or encounter trailer issues en route to a ramp. Download the iOS Download the iOS or Android version.

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