Top Tips for Boating With Kids

Creating a memorable and fun boat charter for all ages

Did you know that boating is a hobby that the whole family can enjoy? It’s true – it encourages great memories and an appreciation of the water, especially in children. Getting a boat charter means you can bond with your child out in the water.

To teach your children about the basics of boating means passing down family traditions. It also gives kids a chance to learn real responsibility and life lessons they can learn for themselves forever. This helpful guide will help you successfully boat with your children.

First things first: what boat charters should I look into?

That’s up to you! Consider a boat rental with safety railings, especially if you have younger children. You can also rent a boat with a cuddy cabin. This will offer shade and a rest area for children who would like to take a nap or need a break from the hot sun. Depending on your activities for the day, they may want to take a rest for a couple of hours.

What kind of safety gear do I need?  

Help your children understand that safety comes first. Having these discussions – and planning ahead of time – ensures that your children are learning all they can about the water and having fun doing it!

Get your child a first aid kit and a personal life jacket or vest. Get a bright color for easy visibility. It should fit snug and have a collar that allows them to face upwards in the water. Do not remove the life jacket at any point during the trip. When wearing the jacket, have the child can raise their arms above their head. If the jacket touches their chin or ears, it may be the wrong size or fitted incorrectly.

Discuss the different reasons why it is important to wear and use. For more information about life jackets, you can visit the US Coast Guard’s helpful website.

It’s good to practice boating safety before you even step on your boat charter. This means having discussions with your children about the concepts of floating, treading water, and what it means to be aware of uneven waters, different river currents, and what to do when the weather changes. Set up a few basic, easy-to-follow rules while on board. For example, keeping their arms and legs inside the boat at all times to prevent falling out, and no running while on the deck of the boat rental.

What items should I bring for them?

Besides the standard safety equipment, bring everything they need to protect them from the sun, especially in the hot summer. Sunblock, sunglasses, and a hat should keep from from getting a bad burn. Keep an extra set of towels, clothes, underwear, or diapers in a sealed plastic bag so they have a dry change of clothes after spending time in the water.

You can also pack a cooler of treats! Include water, juices, their favorite snacks, yogurt, ice pops, or cold fruit to keep them hydrated and happy. You can also have special treats for following the rules and staying safe on board!

What kinds of activities should they have?

Cards, games, and books can all keep your child occupied, but consider marine-related activities as well. Remember, you’re sharing an adventure. It’s about exploration and learning together. Instill wonder in your child’s imagination by choosing courses to see landmarks, birds, and various sea life. Who knows, they may discover a passion they didn’t know they had! Here are are some unique ideas to try:

  • Teach them how to navigate by allowing them to choose their own course. Supervise their decisions and let them chart out where they want to go explore how they want to plot out the activities of the day.
  • Motor to your favorite swimming hole and spend time just splashing around. Bring along a few snorkels and have them learn about new marine life.
  • Use tandem kayaks as a means of seeing new areas that larger boats may not have access. Spend the day having them row and paddle on their own.
  • Teach your children about the different kinds of sails by having them set up and take down rigging. Letting them be in charge of their own task can be a rewarding experience.
  • Bring along their own fishing gear and gave them fish for their own dinner. There’s a lot they can learn by fishing alongside you!

Boatsetter wants you to have the most memorable time with your children and family. In the modern world, the busyness of life tends to take over, and technology can be distracting. Boat charters allow families to come together, put the worries of life away, and just have some fun.

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