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How do you reserve California yacht charters? Answer: boat sharing is a great way to experience it! The waters of the Pacific Ocean are a welcoming haven from the crowds and an extraordinary way to visit California.

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California is big enough that this state alone can check off all of your yacht charter wishlist boxes. Snorkeling? Check. Windsurfing? Check. Whale Watching. Check? Boat camping? Check. Okay, so maybe that last one wasn’t on your list, but it should be! Keep reading to learn about the activities each of these unique cities in California can offer boaters.

San Diego

San Diego offers visitors more than 70 miles of coastline and is a preferred stop for snorkelers and divers. La Jolla Cove is a prime spot for spotting colorful fish (it’s also very popular). You can jump in from your yacht charter and swim to the deep water bay since no flotation devices are allowed.

San Diego is also home to Wreck Ally, an artificial reef in Mission Bay. The popular dive site is equipped with descent/ascent lines so even novice divers can experience watching a shipwreck emerge from the emptiness of the ocean floor. San Diego is at the southernmost point of California and the ideal place to start or end your boat trip.

Los Angeles

Santa Catalina Island, located just south of LA, has two harbours to accommodate sailors and boaters. The island offers a unique “boat camping” experience for those willing to “rough it” for a night or two. In the waters near LA you can experience surfing (your captain can point out the best spots), whale watching and a plethora of white sand beaches (again, let your captain be the guide). The location of Los Angeles makes it an ideal location for celebratory yacht charters. Ever considered a boat trip for birthday, bachelorette, wedding or graduation parties? We know. It’s a great idea.

San Francisco

Imagine waking up and looking toward land to see the San Francisco bridge emerge from, what looks like, clouds, although it’s really fog? It sounds like a postcard, but it is a frequent sight from the San Francisco Bay.

If watersports are on your list during your California yacht vacation, San Francisco should definitely be on your itinerary. The breeze from the Pacific Ocean creates white caps that are ideal for windsurfing. Sherman Island is internationally known for the near-perfect windsurfing conditions. Similar to San Diego, San Francisco is an ideal place to start or end your charter, given it’s location on the north end of the state. Looking for land-based ideas in San Francisco? Checkout our list of things to do.

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You have a lot of options when it comes to reserving your California yacht charters. At Boatsetter, we’re proud of the hassle-free reservation process we offer boaters. Our number one goal is safety and our number two priority is keeping things simple for you. We know boats. Together we can find the perfect California yacht charter or book an adventure anywhere else you want to go – the destinations are endless.

Our fleet is easily searchable online. The Boatsetter database pulls from thousands of boat rentals and yacht charters and has multiple features for narrowing your search. With Boatsetter it’s easy to find, reserve and confirm your reservation. Check it out and put a sailing adventure on your calendar!

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