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“Is There a Boat Rental Near Me?” Yes! We’ve Got Answers.

Yes, yes, yes! There are hundreds of boat rentals available in Chicago and we’ve got the answers to all your questions: Where can I find a boat rental? What should I look for in a rental? What can my Chicago boat rental do? Do I need boating experience? Is it expensive to rent a boat?

Boat sharing is a relatively new concept. In the past, boating was an expensive hobby, afforded only to those who could purchase or boat (or their smart friends who knew how to take advantage of the fact that they had a boat). Lucky for you, this is no longer the case. Renting a boat is as easy as securing an Uber.

Where Can I Find a Boat Rental?

Once upon a time, “how can I find a boat rental near me?” was a common question being asked by wanna be boaters. Boatsetter was born to answer that question. A boat sharing company based in Florida, Boatsetter connects boat seekers all over the world with the perfect vessel for their adventures or trips. Start your quest for the perfect boat by logging onto Boatsetter.com and adding “Chicago” as the destination. In the click of a button you’ll be connected with hundreds of boat rental opportunities. You don’t need to go to a shop. You don’t need to sign any paperwork. You can reserve a boat in your pajamas – no need to even get out of bed.

What Should I Look For in a Boat Rental Near Me?

If you’ve never rented a boat before you likely have a lot of questions. Let’s take care of some of the most popular questions first: Yes, it’s easy to rent a boat online. No, it doesn’t require an in-person visit. No, you don’t need any boating experience (more on this in a minute). Yes, your reservation is risk-free.

You can rent your boat online at Boatsetter, from search results to FAQs to payment and reservation confirmation, the entire process is completed online. The experts at Boatsetter suggest you add a U.S. certified boat captain to your boating adventure for a truly hassle free experience. We also suggest ensuring that your reservation is able to be cancelled. If you’re planning a boating adventure a few weeks in advance you should have the ability to cancel when the date nears dependent on weather and/or a change of plans.

What Can My Chicago Boat Rental Near Me Do?

In Chicago there are a variety of types of boats: fishing boats, sailboats, powerboats and event boats. The type of rental you should secure depends on your needs:

  • Fishing boats – Fishing boats have features that make them ideal for catching fish, but many fishing boats (like powerboats) can be used for cruising as well. Fishing boats are great for an offshore adventure with friends, or a Father’s Day celebration.
  • Sailboats – Sailboats are ideal for day cruising, overnight trips or extended stays on the water. We recommend you book your sailboat rental with a captain for a true hassle-free boating experience. Sailboats are great for small gatherings (think bachelorette parties or anniversary getaways).
  • Powerboats – Powerboats are great for everything in between. Depending on the size of your boat it might have overnight accommodations. Book a powerboat for watersports, cruising, docking along the beach, fishing, and other general family fun activities. Powerboats are great for family outings.

Your rental will be fit for all of these activities on the water. Need more advice about what type of boat is deal for you? Check out our breakdown of different boat types.

Do I Need Boating Experience?

When renting with Boatsetter you do not need boating experience. Why? We have a team of boat captains certified by the U.S Coast Guard ready and able to join your boating reservation. Our captains act as a guide on your boat trip. They can show you where the best fishing spots are located, they can point you in the right direction of Lake Michigan dive sites, they can be the designated sober driver so everyone can enjoy an adult beverage, or they can just operate the vessel if your group doesn’t know how, or doesn’t want to.

Is it Expensive to Secure a Boat Rental Near Me?

We have Chicago boat rentals available from $70 to $2,000. The size, type and duration of your rental impacts the price but we guarantee you’ll find a boat rental that fits your ideal price range. Always remember that the price of the boat is divided by the amount of people on the reservation. A boat rental for $400 works out to be about $40 a person when full capacity is reached. It is a low price to pay to enjoy Chicago lakeside!

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