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US travelers are now allowed to visit Cuba, but few charter companies understand the process of getting there. Boatsetter experts will guide you through the process from necessary documents to the right yacht for your Cuba adventure.


“Babieca” is ready to charter un chartered waters in style!

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“Jopaju” is the ultimate in luxury to set sail on your Cuban adventure!

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"Scarlett" is your ticket to see the best of Cuba in the lap of luxury!

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Cuba is a dream destination and is now, slowly opening its shores to visitors seeking a glimpse of this wondered destination. Boatsetter has the inside track to get you to there.

Cayo Coco

Just off the Northern Cuba coastline lies Cayo Coca, an unspoiled white sand beach that are perfect for spending a day in paradise.


A fave destination of Al Capone, Varadero offers much to history buffs and nature lovers alike. Be sure to visit the caves, explore the keys and hike in the virgin forests.

Jardines del Rey

In English it means the King’s Gardens and for good reason. With white beaches, clear waters and world-class snorkeling, this truly is a locale fit for Kings.

Frozen In Time

Charming and full of culture, take in the colors, cuisine and music of Havana - a don’t miss destination during your stay in Cuba.

Getting There

Getting to Cuba is not as simple as booking your boat and setting sail. There are procedures required and the process is complex. Boatsetter can handle all the logistics so you arrive worry-free!

Things to Note

Trips to Cuba take some pre-planning and lead time. Cash is king in Cuba but some banks are now offering debit cards to assist travelers. The best way to get to Cuba: cross the Gulfstream like Hemingway did and sail into Havana’s Harbor with Boatsetter.

Coast Guard-Licensed Captains

No experience needed with your Boatsetter captain is at the helm.

24 Hour Free Cancellation

Things happen - that’s why we extend our renters a free 24-hour cancellation.

World Class Insurance

Safety is always on our mind. All Boatsetter rentals include the best insurance available from start to finish.

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