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Sometimes, unusual partnerships have a way of reaping amazing benefits. In the boating world, boat and boat product manufacturers have responded to boaters’ environmental and cost-saving concerns. As a result, the companies have developed new boat designs and products that do the job while making a positive impact on the environment. Boaters are also stepping up, doing their part to achieve a healthier marine environment.

Boat Construction and Propulsion

Although boat manufacturers have toyed with eco-friendly boat designs for several years, Greenline Hybrid Yachts is one builder that has made the concept a reality.

In 2015, the company introduced its first electric-diesel convertible power yacht. Represented in the United States by south Florida’s Denison Yacht Sales, Greenline has built more than 400 of the innovative vessels.  

Hull Design and Materials: To achieve the Greenline’s signature profile, the firm’s yacht designer began with a sailboat-derived hull configuration. Next, the manufacturers used recycled materials, cutting the boat’s weight in half compared to a traditionally built vessel of the same size. Even with that weight reduction, the Greenline retains its rugged, substantial look and feel.

Power Systems: To power the Greenline, builders installed a hybrid diesel-electric propulsion system featuring a hybrid drive, lithium batteries, and a solar roof to gather even more juice.

Making the transition from diesel to electric is simple, requiring the operator to flip a switch and turn on the ignition. In fact, one Greenline 40 owner operated his vessel on battery power while anchored in the Everglades. Florida’s mostly sunny weather enabled him to use battery and solar power for several days, with no interruption in the boat’s systems.

Fuel Consumption: With more efficient fuel consumption, plus the solar power boost, the Greenline is less expensive to run and requires fewer stops for fuel. Carbon dioxide emissions are also much lower compared to a similar traditionally powered vessel.

Boat Operation

Eco-minded boaters want to have their cake and eat it, too. In other words, while they enjoy life on the water, they’re also focused on keeping the marine environment as healthy as possible. Even better, some eco-friendly efforts might result in desirable cost savings. You can easily use this approach during your upcoming boat rentals.

Fuel Consumption: By traveling at slower speeds, your boat will consume less fuel, which obviously saves money. If you reduce the vessel’s drag, minimize your idling time, and keep your engine properly tuned, that also contributes to more dollars in your pocket.  

Marine Ecosystem Conservation: To minimize shore erosion and damage to underwater vegetation, slow to a “No Wake” speed when you’re close to shore. Stay out of extremely shallow water so you won’t stir up bottom sediment or chop up the grasses with your propeller.

Reuse & Recycling: Use the marina’s recycling facilities for oil, antifreeze, aluminum, glass, and plastic. To reduce your trash volume, and save money, store reusable plates, silverware, glasses, and cups aboard the boat.

Trash Disposal: By keeping your trash aboard until you return to the marina, you won’t risk the chance that marine life will mistakenly consume items they view as food.

If the trash stays on the boat, fish and birds can’t become wrapped up in your fishing line or six-pack rings. They also can’t be harmed by cigarette butts or metal, plastic, Styrofoam, or glass pieces that wind up in the water.

Boat Maintenance

During recent years, boat maintenance product manufacturers have gotten on board with eco-friendly boating. As a result, you can now purchase less-toxic anti-fouling paint, along with a wide variety of boat cleaning and polishing materials. By changing the way you use some of these products, you can make an even more positive impact on the environment:

Clean Marinas

An increasing number of marina operators are voluntarily earning Clean Marina certification from the Association of Marina Industries. This desirable credential emphasizes environmental and best management practices that go above and beyond regulatory requirements.

To get this coveted title, the facility must comply with all legal regulatory requirements and a predetermined percentage of voluntary best management practices.

Clean Marina Program: Participating marinas must successfully address the following issues:

  • Marina site selection and design
  • Marina management
  • Waste containment and disposal
  • Petroleum products control
  • Sewage and gray water control
  • Storm water management
  • Emergency operations planning
  • Habitat and species protection
  • Boater education

Clean Marina Program Benefits: Although obtaining and keeping the Clean Marina credential requires consistent effort, each certified marina reaps some benefits from the process:

  • Decreased waste disposal expenses
  • Higher numbers of responsible boaters
  • Cleaner water in the long term
  • Voluntary program that encourages cooperation
  • Less state regulation that means more cost savings

Take the lead in eco-friendly boating while you enjoy boat rentals in your favorite boating hotspots

If you’re game for eco-friendly boating, but you’re currently without a boat, boat rentals can provide the solution. Just contact Boatsetter, the industry-leading boat-sharing company that makes it easy for boaters and local boat owners to connect with each other. If you’re a brand-new boater, or just want to kick back while a professional drives the boat, hire a licensed Coast Guard captain as well. These well-equipped Boatsetter vessels are available today.

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