The Need-to-know About Family Boating Vacations

Working a boat trip into your next vacations is easier than ever… learn how.

When you’re on vacation your days should be filled with relaxation, good company, better drinks and even better food. family boating vacations create a time to slow down and let the simple pleasures take over your day.

Being out on the water during family boating vacations is full of simple pleasures: sunshine, great views, wind and a slow pace. This make boating the perfect family vacation activity.

About Your Family Boating Vacations Options

“Boat” is a pretty vague term. Your boating options are endless and include cruise ships, rafts, barges, schooners, houseboats, etc. The most popular types of boating adventures for families can be summed up into three main categories (1) yachting (2) sailing (3) recreational boating.


You can plan all or part of your vacation on a yacht. A yacht is a luxurious boat that includes everyday amenities like a kitchen, television, bathroom, shower, etc. A yacht can accommodate your entire family and travel anywhere in the world. Read more about securing a yacht charter.


A sailboat is a boat that is powered by the wind. You can reserve your entire vacation on a sailboat or spend just an evening on the water. Sailing is popular in Florida, the Bahamas and throughout the Mediterranean and Caribbean.

Recreational Boating

Recreational boating includes renting a boat for an afternoon fishing trip or dive. Boat trips usually last a half or full day and are great for activities like fishing, snorkeling, tubing and diving.

Family Boating Vacations FAQs

How can I keep my children entertained? We promise you won’t have too. The ocean is the greatest wonder of the world. Whether you are on a lake or in the great blue sea there is always something to be discovered. Your children can swim, snorkel, fish or participate in watersports like knee boarding or tubing.

What if I don’t own a boat? You don’t need to own a boat to enjoy a boating vacation. You can rent a privately-owned boat by checking online for a boat rental company that connects boat owners with boat seekers. You can easily reserve a boat or yacht from all the major cities in the United States and beyond! Read more about how to secure a boat rental.

Is it expensive to rent boats? No! It’s a myth that yachting and boating are for celebrities. Rentals can be found for a range of budgets and you can even adjust your reservation from a half to a full day.

Do I need a license to drive a boat? Yes, in most states.

What if I don’t have a license? No problem! You have the option of renting many boats with a captain. The captain will do all of the work, including the navigating, preparation and cleanup. The only requirement from you and your family is to show up and enjoy yourself.

Is there something we should do to prepare? My kids have never been on a boat. Knowing what to expect and being prepared is critical to being able to enjoy your day on the water. Check out these tips for preparing for a boat ride.

What should we bring? The items you will need for your boating vacation will vary depending on the type of activities you plan to do. Check out a full listof potential supplies.

How to Get Started Planning Family Boating Vacations

It’s easy to work boating family vacations into your plans.

Step 1: Chat with the Family

Discuss with your family and determine if everyone is excited about the idea of spending some time on the water.

Step 2: Pick a Boat Type

Determine the type of experience you are looking for: yachting, sailing, recreational boating.

Step 3: Find a Boat

Utilize a boat rental service to compare prices, boats and captains (if needed) and reserve your boat or yacht charter.

We’re sure a boating adventure will delight the entire family. Above all else, don’t forget… you’re on vacation, so #JumpIn!


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