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The Types and Purposes of Boats For Fishing Boat Rentals

The main uses of boats for fishing boat rentals 

No doubt you’ve noticed the different types of fishing boat rentals. Some small, some large, some fast and some even squared shaped (weird, right?). The build of a boat actually does matter and these changes in style, even though they may seem superficial, define the way a boat is intended to be used.

When purchasing a boat or reserving your fishing boat rentals you should take into consideration what your main activities will be. Are you cruising? Are you fishing? Or, perhaps a combination of  both? You should also consider what type of water you will be boating on. Not all boats are made for saltwater cruising.

The three main categories for fishing boats types include:

  • Cruising boats– Cruisers have amenities to make boaters comfortable for a day or overnight trip on the water; the vessels may include a cabin.
  • Fishing boats – Fishing boats typically have an open cockpit in order to take advantage of more deck space.
  • Watersport boats – These boats will have towing capabilities and go much faster than a cruising or fishing boat.

Each of these categories has several subsets for specific tasks. Below we’ve outlined the different types of fishing boats – there is an ideal type for every kind of fisherman or woman.

Types of Fishing Boat Rentals

Bass Boats

The main characteristic of a bass boat is the low profile and V-shaped hull. The unique shape of the hull makes the boat more manunervable in shallow water. Bass boats are small, with a typical capacity of three people and range in size from 16 to 26 feet.

Center Console Boats

The main characteristic of a center console boat is, well, the center console. The steering mechanisms will be in the center of the boat. Center console vessels are single deck and made for both fresh and saltwater activities. Center console boats range in size from 18 to 48 feet.

Sport-Fishing Boats

If the main goal of your boating activities is big game (dolphin, marlin, swordfish, etc.) a sport-fishing boat is the right option for you. These boats are large enough to accommodate boaters overnight. Sport-fishing boats range in size from 38 to 100 feet.

Aluminum Fishing Boats

The main characteristic of aluminum fishing boats is… you guessed it: the aluminum hull. These boats are either welded together or have rivets. They are typically used for freshwater fishing and are lightweight, making them easy to transport. You’ll likely find aluminum fishing boats in inlets and canals. The length of an aluminum fishing boat ranges from 8 to 24 feet.

Walkaround Boats

A walkaround boat is a glorified center console-type vessel. A walkaround boat typically features steps to access the forward deck and, sometimes, cabins for longer trips. The size of walkaround boats range from 18 to 28 feet long, making them ideal for family outings with a large group of people.

Fish & Ski Boats

This model has the best of two worlds and, for that reason, is a popular type of boat for families. Fish and ski boats feature a sunpad area that converts into a fishing platform. Fish and ski boats range in size from 16 to 22 feet. They are designed to meet the needs of fishermen and women as well as water sport enthusiasts.

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