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If offshore fishing charters are on your agenda, you’re bound to find some great new options worth considering as you head out to pursue the big catch. Check the Boatsetter guide to fishing which includes:

  • Choosing the right boat for your fishing charter
  • The value of having a licensed captain
  • Top fishing spots in the U.S.
  • What, when and where are the good fish?

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How to choose the right boat for your fishing charter – Choosing fishing charters can be overwhelming even to an experienced boater. Here are some quick tips to steer you in the right direction as you plan your boating adventure:

  • Charter a privately-owned boat – Fishing charters aren’t meant to be shared with strangers. Boat sharing is the best way to “own a boat of your own for a day” (or half day) – a much more intimate affair than the touristy alternatives.
  • Choose your boat style – Fishing charters can range from offshore fishing machines for the serious angler to the comfort of a high-end center console. When choosing your fishing boat rental, consider your party size, the level of fishing skill and the area you plan to fish in.

Should I hire a boat captain for upcoming fishing charters?

A critical decision when search for the best fishing experience is whether to include a captain on the fishing charter or go solo. The number one consideration is boating experience. Only experienced boaters have an option to rent a boat without a captain…but even the most experienced boater may opt to hire a local (licensed) fishing captain.

The right boat captain can complete the fishing experience (and seal the deal by getting you to the places where fish are biting). Including the captain with your fishing is a good idea because:

  • They know the local waterways.
  • They hear the chatter about where the fish might be biting.
  • You can relax, crack open a beer and focus on pursuit of the big fish!

Don’t miss these top fishing spots in the U.S.- The United States has a diverse fishing destination list that spans from shore to shore. If fishing is your favorite pastime these are some top fishing destination to consider for fishing charters:

  • Miami & The Florida Keys – Some of the best fishing in the world lies just off the South Florida shoreline especially near Miami and the Florida Keys.Fishing charters in the Miami area are easily to find as you head out to catch mahi mahi, tuna and sailfish along with many other fishing bounties.
  • Cape Cod, Massachusetts – Fans of National Geographic’s Wicked Tuna know Cape Cod Mass is fishing country! Home to the bluefish as well as many other large fish such as cod, striped bass and more, Cape Cod is a top spot for fishing in the United States. Finding a fishing charters in Cape Cod is easy; even if you have little experience with boating.
  • Galveston, Texas – Just a stone’s throw from the Gulf of Mexico, Galveston is a top fishing destination in the U.S. With year-round summer, Galveston has an abundance of fishing charters available year round. The ocean offers red snapper, wahoo and marlin and closer to shore anglers will fish for  sea trout and tarpon.
  • San Diego, California – From yellowtail to tuna to sea bass, Southern California is a fishing paradise. From family time to serious angling, fishing charters in San Diego are sure to offer the ultimate fishing experience that you’ve been search for!
  • Fishing Destinations Galore – Top fishing destinations in the United States are limited only by your fishing goals and desires. Anglers flock as far and wide as Panama City, Florida to Seattle, Washington to pursue the big fish and lots of spots in between!

If fishing is on your agenda this summer, fishing charters are a great way to make it happen. Boatsetter, the leader in boat sharing, has an extensive inventory of fishing boats of all sizes ready for fishing charters worldwide. It’s as easy as locating the perfect fishing boat in your destination, setting off on an adventure. The fish are biting – book your fishing adventure today!

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