The Penultimate Guide to Lake boat rentals

From families to fisherman to those looking for a serious party!

Spending summer boating on one of America’s amazing lakes is more popular than ever and lake boat rentals offers something for everyone: from families to fisherman to those looking for a serious party!

Taking the family boating out on Lake boat rentals – here’s what you need to know:

Safety First. Lake boat rentals are a great addition to your summer boating plans and one of the best ways to bond with your family. The real fun starts after all the boating safety is addressed. Be sure your kids know the rules and follow them. From wearing life jackets to what to do in an emergency, a few basics covered in the beginning can provide peace of mind for the whole adventure. Basics of boating safety include:

  • File a float plan so someone onshore knows where you’re going and when you plan to come back
  • Understand the level of young swimmers onboard. Currents can be strong even for strong swimmers and young boaters should never be left in the water without supervision.
  • Take a boating safety course. The US Coast Guard offers many free course that can even be accessed online if it’s more convenient.
  • Read more about boating safety or search for a boating safety course near you.

Shut down your screens. Encourage your screen-loving crew to put iphones, ipads and Kindles safe and dry below deck. It’s time to keep an eye out for fish, feel the wind in your hair and enjoy time as a family out on the water.

Be prepared! Boating adventures can be unpredictable and that’s a big part of the fun. Being prepared for anything will ensure that everyone has a great time out on the lake no matter what goes down! Pack extras including more cold drinks than you’ll need, rainy weather gear, sunscreen, lots of snacks, a change of clothes, extra towels and things to do onboard.

Get the family involved. Show them how the boat works. Teach them some basic boating etiquette and boating terms.

Reel in Insider Lake Fishing Tips

Even the most seasoned fishermen (or women) need helps sometimes. See if these tips are already on your fishing list. It’s time to drop a line in the water!

Find your fish:

Inlets and outlets might be just the hot spot to reel in your monster catch. Bait fish can often be found hanging around off the well traveled path where the water can be cooler and more favorable.

Go deeper when summer heats up. As the summer temps climb upward, most fish swim deeper to cooler waters. At the cooler parts of the day (like dusk and dawn), you might be able to find your catch in shallow waters.

Look for hiding spots. Fish like to hide in the weed beds, among sunken objects including trees, stumps and rocks. The fun part of fishing is finding their secret hiding spots!

Choose your technique:

Still Fishing – Just drop anchor and drop a line! You can get fancy (or not) with your bait and your reel or maybe your catch of day requires some unique bait but you’ll figure all that out. Use a good float or bobber so you don’t miss any action on the line. Then it’s your chance to relax in your fishing chair and settle in for a nice long

Casting – This kind of fishing is just what it sounds like, casting the line in over and over again. The idea is to simulate movement of the bait. Some say luck is involved in this and any kind of fishing, but experienced casters play around with different speeds and styles of casting that don’t leave it all up to chance.

Trolling – Trolling consists of fishing from your slow moving boat. From anywhere from 50 to 75 feet, the lure hangs out in the water attempting to snag fish. When the fish strikes, the rod will let you know. A stiff rod is best for this kind of fishing.

The Lake boat rentals Party Scene – Get in on the action

There’s a summer party scene happening on America’s lakes and we do mean happening!

Every weekend looks like a kickoff event on Lake Michigan as Chicago’s boating scene settles in for a long summer  of fun.Big Island on Lake Minnetonka in Minnesota touts one of the biggest boat party scenes anywhere!  And, of course, there’s BroStock on Lake of Ozarks in June – a party boaters dream. Any trip to the Lake of the Ozarks includes the party cove, just ask a local where it is…it’s a moving spot. Out west, Lake Havasu, voted sixth trashiest place to spend spring break, offers a year round party scene!


Top Five U.S. Lakes for Boating

Who needs the ocean when you can enjoy an afternoon or weekend getaway on these top boating lakes, or any lake near your hometown might be just as fun, but check out these places if you’re in need some ideas!

5) Lake Travis, Texas

It has been said that everything is bigger in Texas and this seems to apply to water vessels as well. A popular option for entertainment is a double-decker party barge that even has a slide. For those looking for a more private boating experience, Boatsetter can connect you with boat rentals so you can enjoy some of the clearest waters in Texas on your own terms.

> Keep reading about boating on Lake Travis.

4) Lake Powell, Utah and Arizona

Lake Powell borders Utah and Arizona and welcomes more than 1.5 million visitors a year. The red rock shoreline makes for a one-of-a-kind view with peaks towering hundreds of feet over the lake. You won’t find landscapes like this just anywhere – the deep colors of the sandstone create a postcard worthy view that you can enjoy right fromthe deck of your Boatsetter boat rental.

> Learn more about what Lake Powell offers boaters.

3) Big Bear Lake, California

If fishing is your idea of the perfect boating trip then Big Bear Lake needs a spot on your bucket list. As the world’s largest man made lake, the waters are stocked with fish, which makes fishing on the 73,000-acre property a year-round activity.Trout. It’s what’s for dinner.

> Learn more about boating on Big Bear Lake.

2) Lake Tahoe, Nevada

When you think of Nevada you may think desert, but the state is also home to Lake Tahoe, the sixth largest freshwater source in the U.S. after the five Great Lakes. Lake Tahoe accommodates a large variety of boating activities and has many popular marinas and docks, which makes launching your Boatsetter boat rental easy.The options for boating entertainment are endless – just like Nevada summers!

> Read more about boating on Lake Tahoe.

1) Lake of the Ozarks, Missouri

Nicknamed “Magic Dragon” for its snake-like shape, Lake of the Ozarks in Missouri offers activities for everyone from college students looking for a party to vacationing families. “Party Cove” is a floating fiesta that has garnered the attention of national news, but Lake of the Ozarks gets most of its press for being a world-class boating, shopping and fishing destination. I think we found your next vacation spot.

> Find out more about Lake of the Ozarks recreational activities.

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