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After a few boat runs it becomes obvious where your boat is lacking. For example: There is no where to put down your wine glass. The sun at 2 p.m. eliminates shade from the deck. There is no where to change out of wet clothes without flashing everyone on the lake. We have some of the same problems on boat rentals across the country. Luckily, not everyone accepts these problems as just part of the boating experience. The gear below solves these problems and others you might not even know you had.

A Place For Your Wine

Life can be rough for a wine drinker on a boat. Traditional cup holders are not effective for safely holding a wine glass, which means wine lovers have no where to put down their drink without fear that it will fall over and spill that precious liquid. Cue this handy gadget. The cup holder will hold one wine bottle and two glasses. The drink holder snaps onto your boat rail (various sizes available) using a clamp.

Create a Breeze Below Deck

It looks like a canopy creator or shade device, but Breeze Booster has a more important purpose: it helps keeps the hatch cool. Breeze Booster collects the smallest breeze and directs it down the hatch of the boat, making hot days a little cooler. In addition, there is an optional bug screen to keep out unwanted critters – highly recommended.

Inflatable Pool

Does the thought of swimming with the fishes creep you out? Yes? Then this inflatable pool is your answer to enjoying a swim when on the lake or out at sea.The inflatable condenses down to the size of a medium duffel bag and when expanded and filled with air creates a swimming pool using the water from the lake or ocean. #mindblown

Pop-Up Privacy Enclosure

A universal problem on a boat with no cabin is lack of privacy. What if you need to change your clothing? There is no real place to do so on a center console boat, which is a problem this handy tool fixes. It can be installed anywhere on your bimini or hard top via the velcro straps, creating a dressing-room sized space for you to do your business without the stares of onlookers.

Shade Extender

Excessive sun is part of boating, but can be brutal in the mid hours of the afternoon and sometimes hard to come by, depending on your location vs. where the sun is in the sky. A shade extender uses snaps to attach to the back of the boat, extending the roof, which doubles the shade your walk around or center console boat provides on a sunny day.

Drink Tub

Is there anything worse than sandy beer? A drink tub keeps your beverages off the floor. It eliminates the need to bend down to a cooler and rummage over the food. The drink tub stands on its own and makes finding a cool drink easier than ever.

Baby Boat Seat

When your little one can’t yet walk, or is unsteady on his or her feet it can be difficult to find a place for them to comfortably exist on a boat. No more. This baby seat and swing hangs under your boat top creating a safe environment for your child to nap or sit. Ah… now mom and dad can enjoy a little R&R.

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