The Most Exotic Boating Destinations

Vacation Spots Best Experienced on a Yacht

Exotic Yachting Destinations You Should Seriously Consider

When you visit a place by boat the experience is completely different than that of a traditional trip. Approaching an unknown land via the ocean instead of an airport is an experience unlike any other and it is a lifestyle that everyone should experience once.

We’ve compiled some of the dreamiest yachting destinations – these exotic yacht charter destinations will leave you drooling. The best part? You can review this list guilt-free because via Boatsetter yacht charters are easy to find and secure. We make the process easy for our clients by eliminating any of the unknown. Learn more about booking a yacht charter and start dreaming about these exotic yacht charter destinations.

#1: Bora Bora, French Polynesia

We know you’ve dreamed about this vacation destination. Bora Bora has some of the most beautiful views in the world and a luxury Bora Bora yacht charter is just what the doctor ordered, right?  In Tahiti you’ll find aqua blue waters, the good company of locals who are internationally known for their friendliness, and fine dining. The French Polynesia is the picture in your head when someone says “paradise.” Tahiti is the largest island but Bora Bora is a favorite for sailors (and has been for centuries).

#2: Tasmania, Australia

Tasmania is separated from mainland Australia by the Bass Strait. The island is a unique piece of rugged land and more than half of the island is protected. What makes this yachting destination great? It’s off the beaten path. The yachting industry here is not large so you can expect to enjoy your yacht charter without tripping over thousands of tourists who are doing the same thing.

#3: Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Hm, Abu Dhabi is probably not a destination you think of when planning a yacht charter. It might not immediately come to mind but Abu Dhabi is, indeed, an exotic yachting destination and is has a fair share of white sandy beaches that will leave you breathless (we promise). The coast of the Abu Dhabi is similar to Miami’s but unlike many other yachting destinations. The skyline from the ocean is a city scape, full of tall buildings and creative architecture.

#4: San Blas Islands, Panama

The San Blas Islands, just off the coast of Panama in Caribbean waters, offer a unique boating experience. The San Blas Islands are more than 300 tiny islands inhabited by locals, called Kuna Yala’s. The Kuna Indians are indigenous people who wear traditional garments and live a lifestyle that is unlike and unknown to much of the world. It’s a unique experience in a beautiful place that you won’t ever forget.

#5: Tierra del Fuego, Chile

Contrary to popular belief not all yachters are in search of warmth and sun. Throughout the year many parts of Chile are below freezing, making an ocean trip to this part of the world a one-of-a-kind experience. From the ocean in Tierra del Fuego, which is the southernmost most point of the country, you can see glaciers frozen in a maze-like pattern down mountainsides, running directly into the ocean. A trip to Tierra del Fuego is definitely not ordinary.

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