San Diego: Your Boating Destination Guide

All the Boating Information You Need to Set Sail in San Diego

Rocky Cliffs, White Sandy Beaches, Perfect Sunsets … Oh My!

San Diego is the place to be in the summer and San Diego boat rentals are the perfect way to experience this area. Offering everything from white sandy beaches to rocky cliffs, the more than 70 miles of coastline is inviting for sunbathers, surfers, anglers, swimmers and those who simply enjoy watching the sun dip below the horizon. The weather is perfect. The views are phenomenal. The beaches are pristine. The sun is hot. San Diego, you are a boater’s paradise.

Plan Your San Diego Boat Rentals and Be In & Around the Water

Snorkeling – La Jolla Cove, is a deep-water bay that attracts kayakers and divers, in addition to snorkelers. It is said to be the most photographed beach in San Diego. We get it. The water is clear and since the area is protected, no flotation devices are allowed, making for a real natural experience. You can spot yellowtail, stingrays and colorful fish here.

Just south of La Jolla Cove, Boomers Beach is a great spot to find marine life hiding under rocks. Boomers Beach is best suited for experienced swimmers who can handle strong currents and bigger waves.

Shipwreck Diving – Wreck Alley is an artificial reef about a mile from Mission Bay in San Diego. There are six wrecks total and the most popular is the Yukon, a Canadian Destroyer that is pretty much still intact. If you visit the dive sites they are equipped with descent/ascent lines so that they can be easily found. We recommend diving on the incoming tide for the best chance at clear waters.

Swimming – Mission Beach offers something for every member of the family. The more than two miles of coastline features a boardwalk, beach volleyball, shopping, and a roller coaster. Silver Strand Beach is known for oceanfront RV camping, but the beach is perfect for swimmers and boaters – if you want a plain ol’ sandy beach, hit up Silver Strand Beach.

Sailing – Whether you are a seasoned sailor or a novice, San Diego boat rentals can be the key to spending some time on the water. Hire a captain with your boat rental and learn to sail, or get out with the family and make new memories. The unique coastline interchanging between rocky cliffs and flat beaches makes for an incredible view from your sailboat in the Pacific.

Whale Watching – The Pacific Gray Whale can be spotted all along the California coast in the summer as they migrate to Alaska. We recommend riding out to La Jolla, where you can usually spot them within six miles of the shoreline. Fingers crossed that you see whales and if you’re lucky, dolphin too!

San Diego Boat Rentals Are Perfect for Private Fun on these SoCal Waters!

In a town that is all about the ocean, it is pretty obvious that you need to check out San Diego boat rentals – to join in on the fun. Once upon a time renting a boat was expensive and stressful, but thanks to popular boat sharing companies like Boatsetter, renting a boat for your San Diego trip is really easy (like, reeeallllyyyy easy).

You pick the boat. You make the reservation. You enjoy your time on the water. It’s a combination that will have you daydreaming about your San Diego visit for months. Start looking at available boats right now and take advantage of everything that San Diego has to offer.

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