The Hottest Sandbar Parties on the Treasure Coast

In Florida, the hottest parties are on the sand!

Pull your boat right up to a shallow sandbar for incredible fun on the water. Whether you’re playing a mildly competitive game of Marco Polo, grooving to the music, or simply relaxing with a drink in hand, you’re guaranteed to have a splashing great time at a sandbar party.

Here are our top spots for the best sandbar parties in Florida.

Haulover Sandbar: Clear waters and sandy bottoms

Arguably the hottest, most sought-after sandbar party happens at Haulover. Hundreds of partygoers gather here every weekend during the summer months for a splashing great time.

Located just west of Haulover Beach Marina in North Miami Beach, the sandy shoal at Haulover surfaces during low tide, exposing an island oasis right in the center of the bay. With beautiful white sand and crystal clear waters beneath your feet, it’s no surprise that Haulover Sandbar is a popular hotspot among locals and visitors alike.

A food boat (similar to a food truck, but better!) offers burgers and delicious seafood ceviche salad, as well as popsicles and ice cream cones. Bring extra sunscreen and your cutest bikini, as this is one sandbar party you won’t want to miss.

Loxahatchee River Sandbar: Florida’s Coney Island

The Loxahatchee River Sandbar, also nicknamed The Jupiter Sandbar and Coney Island, is a popular destination for local boaters.  Conveniently located near the Jupiter Inlet and the Intracoastal Waterway, the sandbar is a long stretch of white sand that caters to hundreds of partygoers.

Parties on the east end of the sandbar tend to be wilder, while families and those more interested in relaxing than partying favor the west end. The Loxahatchee River sandbar provides stunning vistas of the estates along the river as well as picturesque views of the Jupiter Lighthouse.

As a largely undeveloped area, the closest restroom facilities are located near Burt Reynolds Park, about a mile east of the sandbar. Boats generally arrive a few hours before low tide and claim their spot. During high tide, snorkeling near the mangrove island on the east end is a popular activity.

Fort Pierce Inlet Sandbar:

Located near the Fort Pierce Inlet State Park, this popular sandbar offers calm waters and a family-friendly environment.

Due to its proximity to Fort Pierce Inlet State Park, the waters surrounding Fort Pierce Inlet Sandbar provide an abundance of recreational opportunities including swimming, snorkeling, surfing, scuba diving and picnicking.

The nearby seagrass meadows and reefs provide ample opportunity for fishing and a popular place for anglers to catch their dinner. Of course, simply relaxing on the sand is an equally brilliant option! The Sandbar itself is also conveniently located directly across the channel from excellent bars and restaurants.

Holiday Isle Sandbar

Holiday Isle Sandbar (also nicknamed “Islamorada Beach”) is located just outside of Whale Harbor Bridge on mile marker 84. This lush sandy mecca attracts both locals and visitors, and anyone looking for a splashing good time.

Every weekend during the summer months, Holiday Isle Sandbar is thee place to see and be seen. The iconic Holiday Isle Tiki Bar (aka “The Original Tiki Since Forever”) provides easy access to the famed Original Rum Runner, while the nearby Kokomo Beach will make you want to go retro and cruise the crystal waters singing along to the Beach Boys. Check the Florida Keys calendar of events for a full listing of upcoming festivals and community events.

Grassy Key Sandbar

For a true family-friendly sandbar experience, head to Grassy Key Sandbar. Located just south of Holiday Isle between mile markers 57 and 58, this half-mile long stretch of sand offers calm waters and a laid-back atmosphere. Kids will enjoy tubing and playing in the shallow waters, while parents can kick back and enjoy the sunshine.

Marvin Key Sandbar

Just a quick boat ride from Key West (on the gulf side towards Sugarloaf Key), you will find the island paradise of Marvin Key. The natural beauty of this location makes it a popular destination for those looking to enjoy a picnic, sunbathe, or make new friends over a game of dominoes. Marvin Key is also popular among anglers as a great flats fishing location.

The warm waters surrounding Marvin Key Sandbar make it ideal for swimming, while the exquisitely sandy bottom delivers a spa-like pedicure. Lie across the warm waters for an out-of-this-world therapeutic experience. You won’t find any sharp rocks or corals at this sandbar. Heralded by locals as the best sandbar in the Florida Keys, this is one spot you won’t want to miss.

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