Celebrate Your Big Day On the Water

Boat rentals are the best way to celebrate your wedding events!

Weddings, and ALL the events that go with them, have gotten pretty creative these days. That’s why we thought we would help you out with some refreshing suggestions on how to mix up your wedding-related plans and give your guests something to look forward to.

Whether it’s the place you pop the question or the way you tie the knot – check out our top 5 ideas for incorporating your love of boating into your nuptials…and then some!

  1. The Proposal – when you imagine how your engagement will take place, try this on for size… A private sunset cruise, a candlelit dinner, a gorgeous scenic view from the top deck of your own private chartered yacht. Zero stress as your personal yacht crew handles the details. Looking for something even more intimate? For the experienced sailor, trying sailing off into the night as the calming sounds of the sail catches in the wind. Then, down on one knee, the big question is popped. Sounds pretty amazing right? (You’re welcome).
  1. The Engagement Party – one of the often required events that comes with a new wedding announcement is the “Engagement Party”. Give your guests a refreshing twist to this otherwise standard event… take it to the water! Invite your guests to celebrate on a spacious catamaran, oversized luxury yacht, or personal private pontoon. Depending on the size of your party, shop around and find the right fitting boat for you. Offer music, cocktails, all without the repetitive engagement party clichés.
  1. Bachelor/Bachelorette Parties – The best thing about a bachelor and bachelorette party on a boat is… when things need to cool down, there’s a whole lake or ocean to jump into! A fun twist on the classic pre-nuptial celebration is the Dueling Bachelor-ette Party! Two precisely selected catamarans or cruisers throw anchor in the same general vicinity and battle out the party vibes from across the water. Have fun without actually jumping ship to join each other’s group! Then when you’re ready to go your separate ways… sail, cruise, or jet off to your next destinations.
  1. Tie the Knot on board – imagine reciting your vows with the sun setting and the open ocean air. There are number of fully staffed and crewed boats and yachts that can cater to a number of wedding party sizes. A privately manned luxury yacht or an extended sized catamaran can host larger weddings, while a classic pontoon boats with a country creek backdrop can host more intimate events.
  1. The Honeymoon – There is really only one way to go here… overnighting! Charter your own private luxury yacht and enjoy a posh lifestyle at sea. Sunbathe, snorkel, dine and enjoy an exclusive getaway for just the two of you. Choose a destination, a crew, and a luxury yacht or sleeping cruiser boat to take you away for romance and solitude. More experienced boaters might try a privately manned sailboat for one-on- one adventure customized by you.

There are so many amazing ways to celebrate your wedding… and they can all happen on a boat!

Boatsetters offers an incredible selection and variety of boats ranging from sail boats, catamarans, pontoon boats, jet and speed boats, yachts, cruisers and fishing vessels!

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